Our Philosophy

Leaf is about life

Leaf believes in celebrating our lives – to share with friends and family today, and to be kept for posterity.

Leaf’s essence is humanity and diversity

Leaf’s products are inspired by the diversity of life as a whole, and its human population, in particular. It respects people as individuals, each with a unique identity and story.

Leaf operates in a spirit of community, including sourcing locally where feasible, working within local communities and adopting fair trade practices. Leaf uses environmentally superior products and manufacturing processes to ensure minimum impact and aims for high standards of ecological business practices in its own operations.

Leaf brings paper and technology together

Paper has been vital to the development of culture and civilization throughout human history, and is unique in its ability to store data for generations in a universally accepted format. By combining digital technologies with paper-based outputs, Leaf uses each media’s relative strengths to provide user-friendly solutions for busy people.

Leaf is fun and creative

Leaf provides the tools for expressing ideas, sharing stories, capturing memories, celebrating special events and just playing. It allows people to explore their own creativity, and develop unique solutions that reflect their own individuality.

Leaf believes in innate creativity of children, and seeks to encourage kids to explore, learn and share their ideas and experiences.

Dec 12, 2009
Diary Dates

Sadly, Leaf closed its doors on 31 August 2013. Thank you all for your wonderful support. It's been an amazing journey.