Keep a Nature Journal

Treasures for Nature Journals

Getting outside – be it backyard, beach or bush – is a big part of being a kid. Being let loose to discover and explore the world around you is loads of fun AND it’s good for you!

Creating a nature journal offers an fun, hands-on way to record all the cool things you discover and learn about nature. You don’t have to write too much if you don’t want to. Draw diagrams, take photographs, do some research on the internet and print it out.

The main thing is the discovery. The world is pretty amazing… keeping a nature journal will help you understand why.

How to keep a nature journal

1. Ensure you have a good, sturdy journal or scrapbook to work with (e.g. the dirtgirlworld scrapbook from Leaf), some good craft glue that’s safe to use, plenty of craft materials and pencils, markers etc.

2. Go exploring. Look for things that interest you. Take notes in the field about what you see, feel, smell, hear (but no tasting unless you’re 100% sure it’s safe, OK!)

3. Collect. Gather leaves, flowers, seeds, cicada shells, seashells, rocks. Draw them or take photos – or if they’re small enough, paste them in your scrapbook. Notice the shapes, colours and textures. Think about why they’re like that… nature usually has a purpose for things, what has made them that way?

4. Ask questions. Research. Answer them by finding out more information from books or on the internet. Write or print out what you’ve learned.

5. If you need help from a grown up, ask for it! They’ll be only too please to help I’m sure… In fact, I think they’ll be excited to see you exploring nature and finding out more about it.


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