Start an Art Album or Creativity Journal

Start an Art Album or Creativity Journal

You’ve put a lot of time, effort and creativity into your artworks, so you don’t want to see that hidden away in some box or worse, thrown in the bin (recycling or otherwise). On the other hand, your parents probably aren’t keen on having a house full of clutter either.

Time to create an art album or creativity journal for all your special artworks!

Remember that art is not just drawings and paintings. It can also include sculpture (e.g. clay or papier mache), mosaics, collage, constructions made from found materials, sewing or craft projects, even your Lego creations. So make sure that you include a whole range of projects in your album to showcase just how creative you really are. Maybe one day you’ll back and remember all the fun you had creating such special things.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Sort.
    Sort through your artworks, craft projects and other creations and select your favourites. Put into separate groups. You might need your Mum or Dad to help with you this. Group 1 is for a few favourite pieces of artwork you really want to keep. Group 2 contains work you would like to remember but don’t need to keep. Group 3 is for those works you’re not so fussed about.
  2. Select.
    Choose a journal, scrapbook, photo album or folder in which you would like to keep your art album.
  3. Copy.
    Photograph or scan the items in Group 1 and Group 2.
  4. Write a caption or story about the creation.
    This could simply be the title of the artwork, or it could be a whole story behind the artwork. If you like you could add a description about how you created the work.
  5. Put the story and image together.
    You might like to create pages on the computer to print out, put together a photobook or print out the photos, and paste with the captions directly into your album.
  6. Display.
    Discuss ways to display your favourite artworks (those in Group 1) with your parents. For some ideas, see this Pinterest board.
  7. Reuse or recycle
    Think about ways you can reuse your remaining creations – perhaps they can be added to or broken apart to make something new. Turn your painting and drawings in Groups 2 and 3 into wrapping paper or greeting cards. Recover any materials that might be useful to make new creations. Recycle whatever you can from what’s left over.

Here’s something to inspire you (Note: this photobook would have been quite expensive to produce, but it’s very special, don’t you think!)

Art Album

Source: Paislee Press

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