Week 1 – February Photo a Day

I read today on Instagram that Fat Mum Slim’s #febphotoaday hash tag had already well surpassed 1/4 million. Wow! When I started this this challenge, I had no idea I would be being part of something so big. With photos so very… average!

It’s certainly proving a challenge. How do I interpret the theme? Especially when the theme is 10am and it’s now 7.30pm! Which Instagram filter will do its magic on this truly awful picture, taken with my seriously outdated iPhone (i.e. equipped with a dreadful camera)? How can I possibly get the Munchkin (or the hubby for that matter) to cooperate, stand still for oh, 5 seconds, and not pull faces? How can I get the rather lovely photo from the DSLR onto Instagram? It’s certainly proving to be a useful learning exercise.

So Week 1’s shots will not be up for any photographic awards.

But here they are anyway.

My view today

Day 1 – My view today


Day 2 – words


Day 3 – hands

a stranger

Day 4 – a stranger (actually it’s me, feeling pensive – with an iPhone pointing vaguely in the direction of my head)


Day 5 – 10am (12 hours late)


Day 6 – dinner


Day 7 – button

Are you doing February Photo a Day? How are you going. Feel free to share your Instagram or Facebook Page (or wherever else you are publishing your pics) links below and we can all enjoy! We’re at @leafjournals in Instagram and Leaf. Paper for Life. on Facebook.

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Diary Dates

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